Your First Step to Event Success!
May 25, 2015

No matter how big or small, preparing your event brief before you contact the venue, caterer and other suppliers is the number one step in guaranteeing happy guests, happy bosses and happy you!

Catering Auckland Event Success

How NOT to plan your event!

Taking 20 minutes to prepare your event brief before you get on the phone or submit email enquiries through to suppliers is the number one step, often missed, to event success.

If you’re in the early stages it’s even more important to take the time to run through the event in your head – filling in as much information about the event and your guests as you can.

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you want.  Think about the look and feel you want for your guests and if you’re still stuck, start with what you absolutely don’t want!  We find a bit of reverse psychology will help you find what’s really important to you.

Any information you give your suppliers will give them a really good head start with relevant suggestions and costs.  For a Event Brief template you can start with something like this:

Event Date:

Guest Arrival Time:

Guest Departure Time:


Number of Guests:

Why is the event happening?: Medical Conference Dinner, Launch of new car, Christmas Party, Staff Celebration

Event Style: i.e.Cocktail Function/Product Launch/Family Day/Gala Dinner/Working Lunch

Event Theme: i.e. None, Steampunk, Glamour, The Wild West, Elegant Cocktail – or have a look at CCG for an infinity of ideas!

Formalities?:  i.e. Yes 30 mins welcome and speeches /  Yes Awards will give given throughout /  No, only a very brief welcome.

Dress Code: i.e. Smart Casual, Business Attire, Cocktail, Black Tie

Type of guests: i.e. %Male, % Female, age group, industry, do they know eachother? VIP’s, Government officials or anything that may help your suppliers to make suggestions.

Food Style: i.e. 3 Course Seated Dinner, Canapes, Food Stations, BBQ, Street Food.

AV Requirements: i.e. Stage with podium, lighting, sound, music  

Beverages:  i.e Options from caterer please or venue supplying

Overall look and feel, or guest experience:  i.e. I want guests to be wowed with a true glamorous gala experience – food and wine choices extremely important.  Or, the new product being launched is the focus, food to be fresh, simple, economical but service is to be super slick.

Budget: Giving the budget out to suppliers can feel a little like making an offer on a house or car…always worrying that you’re maybe giving something away you didn’t need to!  If you really don’t want to give the budget out, give the supplier the brief and ask for a $ range which will quickly give you an idea whether they’re in your market.  Good suppliers will be able to give this to you over the phone immediately on getting the brief.  If the range suits then ask them to prepare a formal quote. 

Happy Eventing!!  And don’t forget, we’re always here to help with ideas and planning.

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